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Fri Jul 8 18:42:18 PDT 2005

> And Mozilla's XUL-based interface it slow and bloated with features
> that most of us won't even know about.


  Yes, most code is slow when it's weighed down with asserts and
  bugger all optimization (work on this is slated for the last three
  milestones).  That said, the two operations I find most noticeably
  slow in current Mozilla builds ("current" as in "built last night",
  not "I tried M16 and it sucked") are 1) opening a new window (right
  now, it's even slower as I have disabled the XUL cache to play with
  the skinning stuff) and 2) working with my (very large) list of
  bookmarks in the bookmark editor.  Everything else is on a par with
  Navigator 4.x.


  Defining this term is a game in itself; I take it to mean "contains
  things that are not required" and "coded in a manner that wastes
  cycles and core".

  The second is dealt with above.  As regards the first, there is no
  toolkit, XUL contains everything that one needs to build a
  cross-platform user-interface.  If you don't require that, then yes,
  XUL is bloat. does require it, and it's their code.  No
  doubt there will be a short-sighted attempt to fork Mozilla and
  strip out the good stuff, such as XUL, XML, CSS and XPCOM.  Oh well,
  what can you do?

  XUL interfaces can be made to look (almost) exactly like a specific
  platform's UI using CSS.  Check out some of the skins on for examples.

"features that most of us don't even know about":

  XUL is quite adequately documented on

  For more hardcore XUL action, load up Mozilla and go to  Click on the "own
  window" link to get a taste of the kinds of Web application that
  Mozilla makes possible.

In summary, I like Mozilla.  It's not dead, and I don't think it's a
waste of time.  Building from scratch what the Mozilla team has (not
to mention outside contributions such as MathML) in the time they have
taken is an incredible achievement.  Calls to "get a browser out the
door" are missing the point; those who believe that are welcome to try
Galeon or Konqueror.  Or Lynx.

I'd cross-post this to e-develop, but do we really need another

Oh shit, I just failed Crackmonkey 101.  I'll get my coat.

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