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Sat Sep 28 00:11:01 PDT 2002

> Six weeks earlier, Darius had been paroled from the Elmira
> Correctional Facility, near Binghamton, New York, where he had
> served two years for attempted grand larceny--"attempted" because he
> had signed out NYCTA vehicles for surface use (extinguishing track
> fires, supervising maintenance projects) and then signed them back
> in according to procedure. Darius has never worked for the NYCTA; he
> has never held a steady job. He is thirty-seven and has spent a
> third of his adult life in prison for victimless offenses related to
> transit systems.

My dad knew a guy like this who used to spend all day poring over
Metro Bus timetables at the Seattle Public Library.  One day he hopped
into a bus and drove it through its route.  Everybody knew something
was up because he did it courteously and promptly.

Metro did a nice thing and let him do community service for his fine,
staffing the helpline or something else that put his talents at
grokking bus routes and timetables to work.  But it wasn't long before
he commandeered another bus.

A: No.
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