[!CrackMonkey!] Canadia issues travel advisory; don't go to the US

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Tue Nov 5 16:55:49 PST 2002

>>>>> "NE" == Not Erik <squinky at dasbistro.com> writes:

    NE> My knowledge of the law is very little.  I assume foreign
    NE> nationals in a state of war or whatever are entitled to hear
    NE> what they're being held on.

We're in a state of war? Since when? Are you talking about the War on
Terrorism? Is that an actual war? What about the War on Drugs? Is that
a war? Should anyone in a Nirvana t-shirt be detained indefinitely
without trial?

Isn't "War on X" just a rhetorical way of saying, "We are against X"?
Especially if X is something kind of abstract, like "Terrorism",
"Drugs", "Poverty", or "Litter"? I mean, it's not the same thing as a
_real_ war. We can't take over the capital of Litter, and force the
leaders to sue for terms, and accept their unconditional surrender,
can we? 

I'm not saying that Terrorism is this great thing, or that we
shouldn't hate it real bad. I am against the Terrorism! Boo terrorism!
But we shouldn't confuse the set of military and police actions that
are grouped under the rubric of "War on Terrorism" as a real _war_.

I mean, even if you consider the War on Terrorism to be a _real_ war,
are you really willing to give the government carte blanche to act
immorally "for the duration"? "Oh, it's OK to detain people without
due process, just till the end of this darn War on Terrorism." 

We're not in a state of war with any Arab nation, with the possible
exception of Iraq, and I'm pretty fuzzy on that one. Being a national
of an Arab nation does not make people the enemy. Being a terrorist
makes someone the enemy.

If we're going to blanket anyone who's from a country where terrorists
may come from, we should pick on the Japanese (Japanese Red Army), the
Germans (Bader-Meinhof Gang), the Italians (Red Brigades), etc. Hell,
nobody from Montana or Michigan should be allowed to leave their homes.

Or maybe we could hold that people aren't guilty by association,
especially the kind of loose association as nationality or skin
color. Citizenship in a hostile country is one thing -- 

    NE> But in the scale of shitty things governments can do, I'll say
    NE> it's on the small side.

Weird. I'd say it's on the really big side. Wrongful arrests are one
of the worst things a government can do.

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