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Fri Mar 22 13:22:05 PST 2002

commence  M. Drew Streib quotation:

> On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 11:46:02AM -0800, Nick Moffitt wrote:
>> ...  trollaxor at mac.com has been successfully subscribed to CrackMonkey.
>> Who the hell are these assholes?
> Productive people. The kind that manage to get work done despite
> being told that software isn't available for their platform. 
> Recently, also unix interoperable people. They don't seem to like
> the big Redmond Machine(R)(TM)(c) too much, either.

So why did they all cheer when Office for OS X was demoed?  Your
average Mac person is a fucking sheep.  They like what Steve tells
them to like.  Your average Windows-using slob can be forgiven; they
do not profess to know better.  But the Macintosh community does, and
then contradicts itself with its obseqious grovelling before the
altar of the company it professes to hate.

> My last laptop purchase was a g4 titanium. Forgive me, Father,
> for I have sinned... (but I'm having fun doing it)

A friend of mine bought one of the new iMacs recently.  Judging by his
reports, Mac OS X is neither a good Unix nor a good Mac OS.  But it's
*all Steve*, and that is why Apple will never admit there is anything
wrong with it.

"A cavalry would be a waste of time.  Guys on bikes, that's the ticket!"
	-- Eamon de Valera

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