[!CrackMonkey!] well, austr-AL-ia *started* as a penal colony . . .

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Wed Mar 20 14:49:30 PST 2002

>>>>> "b" == Bad  <mr.bad at pigdog.org> writes:

     b>      FARQUAR - integrity and resoluteness of purpose.

In the Philippines there are ten senators.  Everyone votes for ten of
the senatorial candidates, and all the votes go into a big pot.  They
choose the ten guys with the most votes.

The president and vice president work the same way, so in general they
hate each other.  The vice president will try to get the president
killed so she can take over.

``GNOME, launched specifically to counter a threat to our freedom, is
  the free software project par excellence.''  
                -- Richard M. Stallman
``C# is, from what I've seen, a rather nice little language.'' 
                -- Joakim Ziegler, Ximian
``integrity and resoluteness of purpose''
                -- Murgatroyd Farquar

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