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Chancellor of the Republic justin at soze.net
Sat Mar 16 13:19:49 PST 2002

commence quote 2002-03-16 20:31 +0000 (authenticity not guaranteed)
by Chuck Daminato

> On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Chancellor of the Republic wrote:
> > > And from Canadia, we have differunt dicshunaries
> >
> > I looked up the British translation of strychnine and it sure wasn't
> > strictnine.
> 'cause we're in Canada, not Britain silly boy

Uh oh, look!  It's someone from Canadia trying to imply that his
preferred (archaic) spelling of words isn't stolen from the British!
Ha Ha.

Nature has made up her mind that  |  None learned the art of archery
what cannot defend itself shall   |  from me who did not make me, in the
not be defended. --Ralph Emerson  |  end, the target.  --Saadi of Shiraz

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