Schroedinger's Innocence, Justice, .us style box-ing (Was: [!CrackMonkey!] Armed Jews to patrol Brooklyn)

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Tue Jun 11 15:46:44 PDT 2002

begin  Simm Al-Aekrib quotation:
> begin  Joakim Ziegler  quotation:
> > On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 14:36, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> > > On Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:59:49 EDT, Shawn McMahon <smcmahon at>  said:
> > Actually, the article states that non-orthodox Jews will patrol on the
> > Sabbath. These guys are from the Jewish Defense League, by the way, the
> > nutjobs founded by Rabbi Kahane.
> Yeah, these are the guys who's leader tried to blow up that mosque and
> a congressman's office in CA. I wonder how they determine who deserves
> a good old vigilante beating.

Visitors to <> receive this important bonus screen:  

"The U.S. government has charged Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel with
conspiring to bomb a mosque in Culver City and Congressman Darrell
Issa's office. We believe that these charges are false and that both of
these men will be acquitted once a full and fair airing of the facts is
presented in a court of law.

"Here is the truth about this case:..."

One of Wise Guy's mini-series featured a later-to-become Senator
Whoosits playing a sham-racist Barnum, whose speil inspired an acolyte
to homicide... imagine, that neither Thomas Blanton, "Dynamite Bob"
Chambliss, Herman Cash, nor Bobby Frank Cherry actually bombed
Birmingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church... 

... that agents of provocation might've scoped out potential chumps;
and, finding an obvious band of notorious blowhards, set them up...

... could be Irv & Friends merely provided cover for agents of

... may be Nassar's Death to Zionism were mere bluster; may be he sent
love-letters to .is... even tipping .eg plan for attack... allowing .is
to call .us to call .su to call .eg to forbid it... may be candor
ensured yet another rash act, leading to decades of belligerent military
occupation... but I wander.  -jv... agent of cofusion

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