[!CrackMonkey!] Nigerian X-Mailer headers

Laurence Berland laurence at isp.northwestern.edu
Mon Aug 5 10:39:19 PDT 2002

begin  quote from Don Marti on Monday 05 August 2002 01:31 pm
> Now hold on just a minute before you burn that witch -- have you
> ever received any legit mail from a Nigerian Microsoft customer?
> Maybe that's just a localized build.

You mean nigerians send email about things other than their 
murdered/kidnapped/killed government/bank/corporation employees with huge 
sums of money/gems/gold hidden away?  

Has anyone ever tried the reverse nigerian scam?  It goes like this, and I'm 
curious if it could work.

You: I will help you, go ahead and send me the money.
Them: Oh, we will surely do so, but it turns out we need to bribe a clerk.  
Please send 2000 dollars.
You: I will send 2000 dollars, but I'm going to need you to send me 50 dollars 
for the wire transfer, or else I cannot afford to send it.

Could get you 50 bucks, and if not it's not worse than stringing telemarketers 
on for hours uselessly.  I once spent 2 hrs on the phone with sprint while I 
was doing some physics homework...never got another sprint call.


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