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begin  Brian D . Hicks  quotation:
> On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 11:07:32AM -0800, Monkey Master wrote:
> > begin  Don Marti Lives Three Hours from Nowhere  quotation:
> > > Ronald Wilson Reagan
> > > 6      6      6
> > 
> > 	Ah, you're *counting letters*.  I see.  I meant that in the
> > Hebrew equivalent of "Roman numerals", Nero Caesar actually *IS* the
> > number 666.
> Actually, counting numbers like that doesn't work.  The number is required 
> to be the sum of 600, 60 and 6.

	I don't know what you mean by "counting numbers like that".
Are you referring to Don's message or mine?  

	I mean to say that just as the string "vi" can be interpreted
as the name of a text editor or the number six, so can the name "Nero
Caesar" written in the common Hebrew transliteration of the day.  I
don't have any philology texts to back this up or anything; but I've
heard it in a number of places, most notably a talk by Bishop Ware.

A simple google search turns up the following explanation:

> The mark of the beast 666 in Revelation 13:18 is probably the best
> know Bible Code . This is called gematria meaning "manipulation with
> numbers". In both Hebrew and Greek as well as other languages,
> letters of the alphabet were used as numbers. So names had a certain
> numerical value. "Nero Caesar" transliterated into the Hebrew from
> the Greek (Neron Kaiser) adds up to exactly 666 in Hebrew. N=50,
> R=200, W=6, N=50 plus Q=100, S=60, R=200 totals 666. This spelling
> of Nero Caesar was found in the discovery of an Aramaic document in
> Wadi Murabba`at (BASOR 170, 65). The Latin form of "Nero Caesar"
> when transliterated into Hebrew adds up to 616. This most likely
> explains the textual variant in Revelation 13:18 with the number
> 616. It should also be noted that the Greek word for "Beast" when
> transliterated back into Hebrew adds up to 666. Ancient writers
> referred to Nero as a "beast" (See Philostratus Vit. Apoll. 4.38;
> Sib. Or. 5.343; 8.157).

	While I wouldn't base any argument on an aol.com URL, this
seems to jive with what I heard as a young boy: the book of the
Revelation is a description of Nero's persecution of the Christians.  
There are many other pages offering this explanation.

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