[CrackMonkey] Tatto it on your butt if you have to

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Nov 12 17:39:27 PST 2001

<quote who="Don Marti">

> > Motzy does them, too.
> Redirect permanent /favicon.ico http://www.penthouse.com/

A few months ago, I tested whether IE would download a Big Motherfucker of a
file if it was called favicon.ico. Turns out it doesn't.

Turns out if you cat Big Motherfucker file to the end of a Windows icon
file, it does.

If you have the bandwidth, decimate an IE user's connection today!

- Jeff

   "I look forward to someday putting foo-colored ribbons on my homepage    
   declaring 'port 25 is for spam', and 'just say no to the Spam Message    
                   Transmission Protocol!'" - Raph Levien                   

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