[CrackMonkey] Linux users: wear your helmet

Don Qi crackdonkey at donkeyshow.org
Wed Mar 7 13:08:46 PST 2001

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, mike dillon wrote:

> ah, another district 3 constituent.
> do you know if Maudelle ended up getting arrested yesterday at the Bayer
> protest? i heard that she and Chris Worthington were going to be out there and
> had all intentions of being taken in.

Actually I'm not.  But my next door neighbor is.  I'm on the Oakland side
of the border.

Haven't heard anything about the protest, althoughh I happened to be
talking to someone from South Africa last week who said the real obstacle
in South Africa regarding AIDS is President Mbeki's position that HIV does
not cause AIDS.

But still, generic drugs good, evil pharms bad.

running stop signs also good.

"I'd rather have a bottle (of AZT) in front of me than a frontal
	-- Ben Franklin

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