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Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Jul 11 00:30:20 PDT 2001

Rick Moen writes:

> begin  Matt Obert quotation:
> > I cited you as best I could without using the letter "e" or
> > polysyllabic words, wherever appropriate.
> Straight from th hors's mouth, so to spak.

A girl of a stallion, so that you could say "ipsa dixit".  Girls'
pronouns in Latin look right in _Disparition_-sorts of lipograms.
Usually -- but two girls, or four, or six, and so on, can hand you
grammatical difficulty.  (Notwithstanding what _Last Transmission
from XY003_ might say about a plurality of girls -- for I can say,
in truth, that probably _XY003_ was not sung about Latin pronoun
forms and suitability for inclusion within writing constraints.
A song about that, mindful of Latin grammatical facts, would not say
what _XY003_ did about "two girls".  No way.)

Boys' pronouns kind of suck in Latin if you want to do lipography in
an Wright or Adair kind of way.  (Still, you could find ways to do
it, if you had to.)

Many words talk about that kind of animal without using ASCII 69 or
101 and compromising suitability for writing within this lipographic
injunction.  Stallion, nag, ... but I'm not a fan of such animals or sports
so as to form a full list for you.

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