[CrackMonkey] Frozen Woody (new thread)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jul 1 00:30:05 PDT 2001

begin  Matt Obert quotation:

> Wow. Thanks for all the great advice, Mister Moen. Too bad I had
> already started my little adventure without you. I chose "woody"
> instead of "testing" and just charged boldly ahead into "apt-get
> dist-upgrade" without dealing with Perl, libc6 and dpkg first.

1.  At the moment, woody=testing, so they're functionally equivalent for

2.  I doubt that anything dire happened.  That wasn't a direct 
1.3 -> 2.2 upgrade you were doing, after all.
> Seems like I didn't break anything yet. There's a log of all
> that chatter that scrolled by, right? 

Nope.  That's why it's often useful to run the "script" command (which 
opens a subshell, all of whose console activity is also logged to a
file, default name ./typescript).  When I've complained about this in
the past, Debian hackers have muttered something about that Debian
Policy requires that the screen pause during package installation to let
you see anything truly significant, and, if it doesn't, file a bug
report.  And they usually mutter, as well, something about debconf
catching any really crucial decisions and implementing whatever
question-answering policy you told it to employ.

Which doesn't always seem like a good answer, so sometimes I'll run
"script" just to be sure.  You're right:  All that stuff whizzing past 
you is unnerving, at best.

Cheers,             The shortest distance between two puns is a straightline.
Rick Moen
rick at linuxmafia.com

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