[CrackMonkey] Clinton TRASHES 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Thu Jan 25 11:25:00 PST 2001

> Woo-hoo! Any damn rock-n-roll band can trash a fucking hotel room! It
> takes a super bad-ass to trash the White House!
> Too bad Clinton didn't have anyone working for him who knew anything
> about dark side black hat HACKING or those computers would be 0wn3d by
> b1llc forever.  
> Or maybe he did...

He did and you met one of them at the FMC.  Both the Shinn brothers
launched the original whitehouse.gov (and did a lot of work on EDGAR) and
are two of the most paranoid freakers I know.  

Or did you not meet Mike Shinn at the conference? :)


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