[CrackMonkey] Fw: [Evolution] Interview with Miguel de Icaza

Mr. Bad mr.bad at pigdog.org
Mon Jan 22 00:06:43 PST 2001

>>>>> "BB" == Bob Bernstein <bob at ruptured-duck.com> writes:

    >> The only category that somewhat overlaps are script kiddies,
    >> and these must be shot, hanged, drawn quartered and analy
    >> impaled upon detection.

    BB> Agreed again, but be careful with anal references around here;
    BB> they stir up the group's rampant homophobia.

Agreed. I believe that anally impaling them is against the laws of
Nature in that they might derive some teensy bit of prostate pleasure
as the sharpened pole slowly digs through their bowels and vital
organs. If they improbably survived the excrutiating ordeal, the
experience of rectal satisfaction may make them gay.

~Mr. Bad

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