[CrackMonkey] Fw: [Evolution] Interview with Miguel de Icaza

Bob Bernstein bob at ruptured-duck.com
Fri Jan 19 23:09:24 PST 2001

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001 13:32:45 +1100, solitaire opined:

>  What's this "we", white man?

Yes, precisely. Linux becoming popular, "winning the desktop," is a
good thing for PRECISELY who or what? Is this supposed to bring with it
an improved Linux, or make it a better operating system? What's the
precedent for that ever happening? If I read one more pompous
self-important editorial on some Linux portal site that proclaims the
need for Linux to "learn something" from Microsoft, like how to produce
a good word-processor, I will do more than scream. Never mind what. Who
the fuck needs a WORD PROCESSOR? Who needs a fucking PRINTER? Yet
that's what you hear, these whiners "we don't have good print services"
"we don't have a good word processor". Jesus Mary and Joseph. Who the
fuck even thinks Word is a good word processor? These smarmy assholes.
Excuse me, I gotta go puke.
> "More users" is IPO speak for "Too lazy to write a business plan or develop
>  a viable business model", after all.

Well, give them credit for knowing that they would be laughed out of
town even for merely presenting a business plan. But RHAT is almost up
to $9; woo hoo let the good times roll don't cha know yeah baby pass
the north slope trip weed. Profits, schmofits.

> Who needs a product when you've got market share?

Who needs market share when you've got investors? Or LINUX PORTAL

>   "RMS vs ESR? That's Root Mean Squared versus Equivalent Series
>   Resistance, of course."
>  	-- Sharkey, in Jenn's social interview

Please help me understand your sig file. Should I be reading an AC/DC
subtext into it, and free associating along psychosexual lines? What
all the brouhaha over those two's "preferences." 

In other words, is this a real interview and if so where can it be

Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I., USA

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