[CrackMonkey] Fw: [Evolution] Interview with Miguel de Icaza

solitaire solitaire at tygger.net
Fri Jan 19 18:32:45 PST 2001

I liked my response to this so much I thought the second time I'd actually
send it to the list, not just Bob. Now he gets to laugh twice.

On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 09:11:16PM -0500, Bob Bernstein wrote:
> Why are we trying to win users over from Windows? How will "more users"
> translate into "better users"?
What's this "we", white man?

_Miguel_ is trying to win users over to justify the $15 million venture
capital Helix^W Ximian have just got, surely? "More users" is IPO speak
for "Too lazy to write a business plan or develop a viable business 
model", after all.  Who needs a product when you've got market share?


 "RMS vs ESR? That's Root Mean Squared versus Equivalent Series
 Resistance, of course."
	-- Sharkey, in Jenn's social interview

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