[CrackMonkey] Mr. Bad's influence at Microsoft

Mr. Bad mr.bad at pigdog.org
Wed Jan 17 11:29:55 PST 2001

>>>>> "ER" == Eric Rachner <erach at microsoft.com> writes:

    ER> Liquid Pursuits, or, A Couple Hundred Drunks At Microsoft.


That text is clearly a piece of Pigdog Journal INTERREGNAL POOPERY!
How are we supposed to have the FREEDOM to INNOVATE if lawless PIRATES
at Microsoft are always HIJACKING our valuable knowledge assets!?!?!
And sending them about will-I-nill-I throughout the Microsoft
corporate email LAN?!?

Your people there may think that this is all about SHARE THE MR. BAD'S
LISTS and LET'S ALL BE FRIENDS, but FORTUNATELY that's not the way
things work in America!

I demand a recount.

~Mr. Bad

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