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   Britney Spears
   By Gene Weingarten
   Washington Post Staff Writer
   Sunday, January 14, 2001 ; Page F01
   The following is excerpted from one of AOL's "hottest sites," the
   Britney Spears Chat Room.
   You are in BRITNEY SPEARS
   PumpBody14: n e hot ladies in here?
   Stinqwinky: Any hott guys want to chat?
   Weinpost: Anyone want to talk about George W. Bush?
   FN233: Ummmm. No.
   CRAZY10Guy: No.
   Weinpost: anyone have any views on the issues facing the new
   Iamhorny18f: Any Hot Men Here I'll Strip For You on My Webcam. Click
   Weinpost: Anyone think Geo W. Bush is a hottie?
   ZCC101: Bush sucks.
   Crazy10Guy: I'm from Hawaii.
   Weinpost: Do you folks disagree with his politics?
   ZCC101: He's a lier.
   ChickDx: He's just a jerk lier wannabe. Why do you like him.
   Weinpost: I don't like him, totally. I just think he's hott.
   ChickDx: GROSS!!!
   Weinpost: um, how old are you, Chick?
   ChickDx: 14 u?
   Buki7: n e one got naked pics of Spears?
   Weinpost: i'm 49
   ChickDx: wow
   GymnastKatie2000: ewwww
   Weinpost: Do you feel that Bush will have problems establishing his
   legitimacy, vis a vis the closeness of the election?
   ChickDx has left the room.
   GymnastKatie2000 has left the room.
   JERaptor: n e 1 got nud pix of brit press 123
   DirtyCrazyChico: You people saw her MTB Music Awards Performance? That
   was MAD TIGHT
   Weinpost: Anyone here have any feelings about the new presidential
   administration of Geo W. Bush?
   Angerrelated: WASSSSUUUUP
   Jmaster96: I like feet.
   Weinpost: I like George W. Bush and compassionate conservatism. Any
   MagicCircle449: this room sucks who seriosly likes Brittney here?
   StoneColdsGirlie: Britney Spears is a hoochie.
   Weinpost: Is Richard Cheney a hottie?
   Scoobdoo1fan: no he is an old guy
   Scoobdoo1fan: he's like 58.
   Weinpost: Do you trust Cheney as the number two guy?
   Scoobdoo1fan: I dont trust Cheny.
   Scoobdoo1fan: Or whatever his name is.
   Scoobdoo1fan: I hate bush and gore.
   Weinpost: Why, Scoobs?
   Scoobdoo1fan: bush wants to make it illegal to have an aborshone
   Samkam1209: Gore tries bush lies
   Scoobdoo1fan: And Gore wants us not to have cars.
   Weinpost: NO CARS?????
   Scoobdoo1fan: For the enviornment
   JERaptor: ne 1 got nude pix of brit press 123
   Cutiepie19545: this is a weird question but does anyone know what
   hospital britney was born in?
   Weinpost: Do you believe in compassionate conservatism?
   Scoobdoo1fan: I don't know what it is
   Weinpost: Me neither!
   Biznatchboy96: who thinks Britney iz hot?
   Weinpost: Scoobs, do you like Britney?
   Scoobdoo1fan: ya
   Weinpost: Do you like George W. Bush?
   Scoobdoo1fan: no
   Weinpost: Do you like Scooby Doo?
   Scoobdoo1fan: i used to. I like the grincg now
   Weinpost: grincg?
   Scoobdoo1fan: grinch. sry. bad spellar.
   Weinpost: Are you concerned by the effects of this election on the
   Scoobdoo1fan: i stayed up all that night watching them get the polls
   from the states.
   Weinpost: me too!
   Scoobdoo1fan: i turned it in for extra credit.
   Weinpost: uh, how old are you?
   Scoobdoo1fan: 13/f/az.
   Weinpost: what do your parents do?
   PimpadelicMan: Hey, whats going on in here
   McnacLeah: any girls want to give me their honest opinion of my pic?
   IM me.
   Scoobdoo1fan: my mom is a nurse. i dont live with my dad
   Weinpost: What is the most important issue facing the new
   Scoobdoo1fan: sorry i dont know what that means
   Weinpost: OK, what is your biggest worry? Personal worry, in your
   Scoobdoo1fan: dieing.
   CHAd 1 MuSkA: britany spears is hot!
   Scoobdoo1fan: or my dog passing away and my mom dieing.
   Weinpost: What is your dog's name?
   KrOnIcpLaYeR: Any fine gurlz want to talk 2 a 15/m brown hair brown
   eyes 5'5?
   Scoobdoo1fan: peanut.
   Weinpost: Scoob, do you think we need a more conservative approach in
   Scoobdoo1fan: no
   Weinpost: Why?
   Scoobdoo1fan: Ppl might rebel.
   Papakorn Jim: hey, scoobdoo1fan, want to chat?
   Scoobdoo1fan: in a lil bit K?
   Papakorn Jim: K.
   Weinpost: Rebel? How?
   Scoobdoo1fan: Well they might move and how would the US pay for itself
   Bfavre141: 16/f fu want nude brit spears pics IM em now
   Weinpost: Whoa. Good point. If the govt is too strict people will
   leave. Erode the tax base. Where will they go?
   Scoobdoo1fan: France
   Weinpost: Could be. So you think Bush should sort of pretend to be
   liberal to keep people happy?
   Scoobdoo1fan: he could.
   Weinpost: What would be a good first step?
   Scoobdoo1fan: help homeles ppl
   Weinpost: Good plan. Think it will happen?
   Scoobdoo1fan: no
   SwTa2nRyCeLuVr17: Britney is like my computer.
   Weinpost: why not?
   Scoobdoo1fan: Becus the US doesn't care i think
   SwTa2nRyCeLuVr17: Cheap and plastic.
   Scoobdoo1fan: theyd probly say
   Scoobdoo1fan: look its ur fault
   Scoobdoo1fan: get a job
   Iamhorny18f: Any Hot Men Here.
   Scoobdoo1fan: brb
   Weinpost: brb?
   Scoobdoo1fan: Be right back. I think my jello is done
   Papakorn Jim: Do you think Britney really likes Justin?
   Marie86877459984: ya
   Papakorn Jim: i dont
   Scoobdoo1fan: she IS going out w/ him. duh?
   Weinpost: if i could get one message to George W Bush from Scoobs,
   what should I tell him?
   Scoobdoo1fan: take some time get used to being the prez dont rush into
   Weinpost: good advice
   Scoobdoo1fan: and dont be mean remeber the homeles its not there fault
   Supercow5688: Britney Spears has fake ones but theyre still nice.
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