[CrackMonkey] News flash: Some people care deelpy about bullshit companies

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Thu Jan 11 18:50:35 PST 2001

How the fuck did this spammer get _my_ name?

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Subject: Marketdroid-generated name rant
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Did you know Helix changed their name to Ximian??? That's awful! If you
don't like it, mail them (hello at ximian.com) and express your disgust. I

If you think this many-recipients message was inappropriate, sorry and you
can flame all you like. I'll dip my head in a bucket of ice to cool me
down. Well, at least I didn't use 1000's of Bcc's and I'm not suggesting
you reply with REMOVE in the subject header. ;-P


Abraham Lincoln didn't die in vain.  He died in Washington, D.C.

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