[CrackMonkey] Jazz song

Ben Brockert benb at iastate.edu
Sat Jan 6 11:25:46 PST 2001

Monkey Master typed on his clackety-clack whiz-bang electro-machine:
> begin  Ben Brockert quotation:
> > Anybody know the name of the song that was the theme song to the
> > awesome nerd show 'The Secret Life of Machines' which was on the
> > Discovery channel many years ago? It was probably a british import,
> > as the host guy was, but that doesn't help in my search for the
> > song.
>         Haha.  That was a RADDABITCHEN show.  The theme song was just
> "Take Five", if I recall, accompanied by cartoons of dancing
> appliances.  I was astonished by the one about the telephone, and
> promptly built my own.  It rocked.

The fax machine has to be the one I remember the most. The show's run
was winding up when we finally got cable into the tiny town in
antiquated Iowa that I lived in, so I don't think I've seen most of
them... another item for my "when I'm rich, or at least have a job, I'll
buy" list.

>         Take Five is the premier example of Jazz gone elevator music.
> Every time I hear Dave Brubeck, I'm reminded of how white I am.  That
> said, Brubeck was a fine musician who loved to compose music in odd
> time signatures.  Still, he's no Duke Ellington, and no John Coltrane.

Yes, it is a bit... whatever. But I found the song name and promptly
found the song on the evil music sharing network, so it is now on my
Unsanity Echo playlist with other great artists like TMBG, Everclear,
and The Lambda Expressway.

Good pointer on that one. Very entertaining, but my childhood of tv and
listening to pop on the radio (but never really hearing it) makes it
difficult for me to stop and actually listen to a radio program.

Ben, at 24 hours awake and a bit nonubcoordinaticated

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