[CrackMonkey] A crack *N*X advocate. An old friend.

Don Saklad dsaklad at gnu.org
Fri Jan 5 02:57:58 PST 2001

Impressed by the imperious  *N*X  thug!

An old friend, a  *N*X  advocate like myself here
standing in my little kitchen/galley went on at a loud
register about getting a  GNU/LINUX  machine for me
instead of the  333MHz iMac OS 8.6 96RAM , the one with
that little drawer in front.


Nothing came of that!

No followup!

If you think you want an assembled  GNU/LINUX  computer,
are there actually  GNU/LINUX  computers assembled and
ready for purchase with all appurtenances,
customer services, etc. ?...

Please relate any web link pointers for more details...

Mucho love
oo-- dWs

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