[CrackMonkey] Dem spuds aren't done without the dick, Don.

George Moffitt zen at zork.net
Mon Jan 1 14:10:15 PST 2001

begin  Bob Bernstein quotation:
> I am checking on this, btw. Some uses of 'whom' are optional. 

	Maybe now, in this decadent era of split infinitives and
dangling prepositions.  Back in my day, when you started a sentence,
BY JESUS you finished it!
	Anyway, just about the only times you SHOULDN'T use "whom" is
if the part of speech in question is either the subject, or the direct
object following a linking verb.  Or if you're some pansy magazine
editor who doesn't want to look "fuddy duddy".

 They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;        From
 They pursued it with forks and hope;                 The Hunting of the Snark:
 They threatened its life with a railway-share;        an Agony in Eight Fits
 They charmed it with smiles and soap.                    by Lewis Carroll

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