[CrackMonkey] The status is that Rob Levin should get a life.

Irish Bastard sneakums at zork.net
Tue Feb 20 02:29:09 PST 2001

>>>>> "BB" == Ben Brockert <benb at iastate.edu> writes:

    >> So i ask that you all dig up this message in the archives, and
    >> link to it somewhere with the text reading "The status is that
    >> Rob Levin should get a life."  I've already made it the
    >> subject, so that's good for a few intra-site links.  I think
    >> I'll also put it up on zork.net in the exits section.

    BB> 'This message', as in the one I'm replying to, or 'this
    BB> message' as in the one you were replying to?

    BB> I did the first, would you prefer the second?

You got it right; have a look at the Exits on http://zork.net/

Starving artists queue here.

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