[CrackMonkey] Gold, Baby, sept 9th.

Chris J. DiBona chris at dibona.com
Tue Feb 13 14:26:56 PST 2001

Hey all,

So I don't know if you knew it, but chris and I moved to Placerville about
2 hours east of SF (1 hour east of sacramento, which will be know by it's
airport designation "smf" because it looks like smurf), We've got a baby
coming mid may but we should still be able to throw a party, but it will
be in placerville (gold country, hence the subject line) But, if you are
up for it, we'd love to ahve people over to thenew place to see the house,
baby and bask in the coolnees that is sept 9th, 2001. Since the 9th is
sunday, it demands a party (or par-tah) on saturday the 8th, so we can
user in the day properly. 

So if want, we can do it this way, people can collapse on the floor, the
guest room ,or at the local hotels, like the cary house hotel, which had
black bart (the western robber, not the illicit t-shirt character) or at
the bed and breakfast across the street or the many motel 6/holiday inns

Otherwise, we could throw it at dons in mountain view or somewhere else.


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