[CrackMonkey] Ignore Nielsen at your peril!

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Mon Dec 24 17:49:38 PST 2001

Pass this Jakob Neilsen letter along to seven people!  San Francisco
webmasters didn't and now they've been driven from their great
city to wander the Great Plains and Texas and places like that.

Europe followed the Jakob Neilsen Plan to the letter and now their
moms are finding 70 grand in their closets. 

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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for December 23 is now online at:

Advertising-supported websites will soon be a thing of the past:
As predicted a year ago, 2001 was the year when sites started charging
for services. Payments are still not being done right, but innovative
projects in small European countries hold much hope for 2002.

HOLD THE DATES: User Experience conference San Francisco and Sydney

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