[CrackMonkey] Filthy web sites, typos, and I am Unprofessional.

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Thu Dec 20 11:16:27 PST 2001

So when I first put this page up the link was broken first time
because I typed "netgar.com"

And I have written the _most Unprofessional_ communication this guy
has ever seen!  

    One huge difference is that you rarely find the editor of
    any windows based mag telling people to "p... off". That
    is really going to win a lot of converts. At that rate,
    and with that attitude, Linux or those who act like you
    will shun the system (which is good by the way) because of
    the attitude many Linux aficionados have. In fact, I have
    never seen such an unprofessional communication.


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