[CrackMonkey] age-old story

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 16 12:38:07 PST 2001

begin Neale Pickett quotation:

> It was his directory layout.  As I'm finding is his fashion, he didn't
> like how Unix filesystems were laid out, so he created his own layout.
> Previously you just had to have this screwy /service directory, and
> you put everything else in /var, which was okay; I changed all the
> directories around.

This was the final straw that recently got his stuff kicked out of
OpenBSD, if memory serves.

> Look hard I did, and now I'm running maradns (which, while a bit
> warty, at least allows the Debian project to package the freaking
> thing).

Yes, MaraDNS is quite useful.  And if you mean you're now packaging it
for Debian, my thanks.

> I still like the code he writes, it's good code.

It's very bizarre code.  To the extent that I can read it, I'm not sure
I like what that says about the state of my mind.

"Is it not the beauty of an asynchronous form of discussion that one can go and 
make cups of tea, floss the cat, fluff the geraniums, open the kitchen window 
and scream out it with operatic force, volume, and decorum, and then return to 
the vexed glowing letters calmer of mind and soul?" -- The Cube, forum3000.org

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