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Nice one!

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         They said that a bunch of geeks waving placards would do
         nothing to free DMITRY SKYLAROV. And they said that whining
         about obscure Net-torturing provisions in already drafted
         legislation would change nothing. And we believed them, too.
         It's lucky that other people are more foolishly optimistic
         than that. After all, it'd be fair to claim that adverse
         publicity of the Skylarov case contributed heavily to
         everyone's DMCA poster-boy being released yesterday:
         especially Adobe's boycott-prompted wish that Dmitry's
         prosecution be dropped. And while UK government defeats
         during the final stages of legislation are almost unheard
         of, the data retention clause in the Anti-Terrorism Act was
         one of the few to get shot down. Out goes the condition that
         ISP logs can be kept and examined for detecting any crime.
         Now, as heavily lobbied by those "aery-faery" and naive
         civil libertarians, it has to be proper *terrorist* crime.
         Mr Blunkett, in conceding the amendment, commented that the
         logs would have to be kept anyway, to see whether they were
         terrorists or not, and "that is how stupid the Liberal
         Democrats [and their Tory supporters, presumably] are."
         Let's see how stupid the human rights judges, and the Data
         Protection folk are when they get to work on this.
         Meanwhile, here's to another year of stupid protestors and
         their clearly impossible victories.
                  - the day's Hansard": search, as ever, for 'stupid'
                                          - putting the free into eff


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