[CrackMonkey] This really stinks.

James Morris jmorris at intercode.com.au
Sun Dec 9 20:59:44 PST 2001


Chef kicks up a stink over perfume

An outraged diner left a New Zealand restaurant in a huff after the chef
handed her a napkin and asked her to remove some of her perfume.

The chef at Wellington's Two Rooms restaurant, Jonathan England, said he
introduced his wipe-it-off policy because diners could not appreciate good
food and wine with lots of perfume on.

"Once or twice a year someone walks into the restaurant in half a gallon
of $3 perfume wanting to take on a $30,000 wine cellar and good food -
they never win," he said.

But diner Janet Hunt, out to celebrate her 48th birthday, was appalled and
embarrassed by England's request and her party left the restaurant

"It was just so bizarre. The perfume is not the issue ... it is the
pretentiousness of the chef, that's the issue. It is an outrageous and
totally unacceptable thing to do," she said.

Besides, her perfume cost $125 for a small bottle.

England failed to win support from other restaurateurs, with one maitre d'
Steve Logan saying: "There is no way I'd ever, ever tell someone that
they've got too much perfume on ... that is way over the top."


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