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 Date: Mon,  3 Dec 2001 23:59:13 +0000
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 well, if all things go well, i'll be moving in around 8 weeks. and our 
 home library will have a garage all to itself.
 the first task is to set the library up, organised etc. the second is to 
 catalogue it.
 i'm looking for a shareware/freeware/open source system that can do the 
 following - 
 import and export records in text or other formats
 perhaps use a system like the endnote connection files (z39.50) to pull 
 down records
 use barcode scanners to scan ISBN numbers and barcodes on CDs/LPs
 handle approx. 20000 records of books, magazines, records and CDs
 if i can't find anything i might just do all the searching in endnote, 
 and then create maybe an access (yuck i know) database or find an old 
 version of filemaker. 
 do any large music catalogues (CDDB style) have Z39.50 access?
 any and all advice welcome.
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