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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu Apr 26 22:57:53 PDT 2001

	So what touchy-feely guidance counselor encouraged YOU,
despite all your incompetence, to subscribe to this list?  Are you
reaching for the stars, doogie?  Are you trying to fulfill your
dreams?  Cuz I'll tell you, right now.  You haven't got what it takes.

	There are the kinds of people who believe that everyone
deserves a chance to make it.  There are folks out there who think
that if you *just try*, it all comes out great.  They say that you can
be whatever you want to be.  Well I'm sorry, Doogie.  You can't be
what you want to be this time.  You aren't trying hard enough, you
don't know enough, and quite frankly you're just not up to it.

	So why don't you spare us all the busywork of filling out the
ostracoi, and blackball your own ass out of this list?  Trust me, it's
better for all of us this way.

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