[CrackMonkey] I am an idiot (fwd)

Sean Neakums sneakums at zork.net
Wed Apr 25 01:17:23 PDT 2001

>>>>> "JSB" == Joseph S Barrera <joe at barrera.org> writes:

    JSB> Also sprach Sean Neakums:
    >> The Web WAS invented by a Briton.

    JSB> Yeah, yeah, I know, but he did it while living here in
    JSB> America so he had to do it speaking correct American.

He was working in CERN, which is in Yoorp.

    JSB> Actually, okay, that's bullshit. And what's worse is I don't
    JSB> know who invented browser cookies. (Wasn't until Netscape,
    JSB> was it?)

Another fine "standard" from those wonderful folks at Netscape, yes.
Th world cookie was in use before that to mean a chunk of data.  I
suggest you look it up.

"No modern industrial society can afford a population of unpredictables."
	-- Eamon DeValera

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