[CrackMonkey] Evolution of Code

mike dillon mdillon at standmed.com
Tue Apr 24 14:50:09 PDT 2001

begin mike dillon quotation:
> begin Rick Welykochy quotation:
> > As far as yuppie-induced vomiting and haikus are concerned, they're of no
> > concern to you now. Build a theremin instead.
> i built a theremin once. i've never been exposed to such a concentration of
> solder fumes in my life, before or after that experience.

for those of you who are interested in building their very own theremin (or
those looking to have a really solid excuse to inhale large amounts of solder
fumes), i found the URL for the kit i built:


the kit without a case is $90 + $7 shipping U.S. their wooden case is $80 + $12
shipping. the "partial case", which consists of the antennae and front panel
(and knobs, i believe) is $28.50 + $7 shipping.

i built this thing while i was living in Cloyne co-op a few years ago. somebody
cajoled council into approving the funds to purchase the kit with the partial

when it arrived, i volunteered to assemble the electronics. being that i had
little experience with assembling circuit boards (and even less recent
experience at the time), it took me the better part of the day to assemble it.
once that was done, we got the maintenance manager to build a case for it and
much fun was had by all.

our case sucked, but it worked. i recommend getting their case so that stuff
fits right.

there are also theremins available from Bob Moog's site at
http://www.bigbriar.com/. all the theremins available there are either fully
assembled or "mostly" assembled (no soldering circuit boards as with the
Theremax). there's even one with MIDI capabilities for $3500.


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