[CrackMonkey] Evolution of Code

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sun Apr 22 02:32:38 PDT 2001

mike dillon wrote:
> begin Rick Welykochy quotation:
> > As far as yuppie-induced vomiting and haikus are concerned, they're of no
> > concern to you now. Build a theremin instead.
> i built a theremin once. i've never been exposed to such a concentration of
> solder fumes in my life, before or after that experience.
> we played it through a 70's vintage 400 watt bass amp (tube), with the speaker
> cabinet having a decent pair of 10 or 12 inch speakers. it was loud and
> exceedingly obnoxious.

2 kewl.


    this: /usr/sbin/local/etc/INTERCAL $Kyk8k9kooko

    should be this: /usr/sbin/etc/INTERCAL -touc $K

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