[CrackMonkey] I'm eight years old and we're in a bright place.

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Thu Apr 5 09:38:56 PDT 2001

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I'm eight years old and we're in a bright place. I want Transformers
and Legos. I'm shit-house crazy running through  the store and Mom has
lost it, chasing me with a Hong Kong faux leather belt with the
plastic tag still on it. I round the corner and there it is. The
little cart with the police ball on top revolving.

"For the next ten minutes, Kmart currently has a blue light special on
Johnny Cash Sings the Negro Spiritual . Come on down to the 8-Track
Rack and get your copy today."

A calm falls over the store. Everyone from housewares to the Full
Figure Woman lines stops and looks to the ceiling in rapt attention.
Ten minutes.  Can we make it over there in 10 minutes? 

Go forth. Shop. 


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