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Why it is scientifically OPTIMAL for women to mate with Eric:

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> 5) then they substituted the saline w/ THC
> 6) which the 'monkeys' started taking
> 7) came to the conclusion THC is as addictive as cocaine
> I'm sorry, I seemed to have missed something in this last step. 

This is typical of the BULLSHIT phony science that we are now inundated with.
It is all about the politics of legalizing weed. What's amazing is that these charlatans
can actually get funding for their sandbox play. 

Someone who DOES know his stuff had this to say about the "study":

"However, Dr Lester Grinspoon, a Harvard Medical School emeritus professor of psychiatry,
 dismissed the idea that the study proved that cannabis was addictive. 

He said: " "This drug is not addicting. Clinical experience says that." "

Lester has FORGOTTEN more about addiction than any of these birdbrains have learned.

There are MANY MANY studies of "addictiveness" on the books. None of them point to THC
as a very addictive drug.  Good studies of addictiveness measure intensity of WITHDRAWAL, 
which can be quantitatively measured, with reproducibility.  Granted, withdrawal syndromes are 
not the whole story where drug dependencies are concerned, but at least those syndromes can
be studied scientifically. The study in question amounts to nothing more than a glorified pile of
anecdotal evidence. Worthless.

btw, I used to have the letters "CAS" after my name: "Certified Addictions Specialist". I got out
of the racket. 

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