[CrackMonkey] Slashdot Farewell Speech

Jeff Waugh jdub at aphid.net
Tue Oct 3 23:18:41 PDT 2000

> Mr . Bad wrote:
> So, it kind of begs the question, though: can *any* forum really have
> meaningful, interesting discussion with hundreds of thousands of daily
> users?

[ 8< snip 8< ]

> with group discussion (wishy-washy word, I know)? By which I mean that
> a small group can (occasionally) have a fairly dense, chewy and
> fascinating collective thought process

Which is why Advogato is doing well right now. It's very specific, although
some clueless twonks don't realise it.

> Which, like, collectively, wouldn't be so bad. But the fact is that
> each individual reader/participant can only take in so much of the
> whole at one time.

What Advogato really needs is local trust metrics, and possibly local
forums. That way, you'd hopefully lose the leaning that it has at the
moment. The seeds are all GNOMErs: Raph, Miguel, Federico and Alan.

Then again, we have mailing lists (and maybe usenet). Who needs weblogs?

"I waent maey INTERWEB."

> There's obviously other value in having mega-sites like slashdot. They
> have some amazing power, and having them on "our" side is a Good
> Thing. But maybe you have to trade off between really satisfying
> discussion and whatever other bennies a big site will get you.

I guess we need both - good point tho. I've always likened Slashdot to a
big-arse bomber dropping (and this is a historically correct analogy)
hopelessly mis-spelled and terribly translated propaganda pamphlets.

So yeah, the big ones do get the word out, at least.

- Jeff

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