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Wed Nov 29 00:10:11 PST 2000

begin  The ASCII Floating Head of Seth David Schoen quotation:
> Nick Moffitt writes:
> > Our favorite ISO library catalog protocol
> I'm not sure if that's literal or metaphorical.


	Well, I've been poking around and I see a number of
Z39.50->x.500 gateways.  I also know that there are many X.500->LDAP
gateways.  It'd be rilly neat to have an LDAP interface to the LOC

	What I was thinking of was designing a cataloging system that
acts as a local cache for the LOC database.  You scan in your volume
(be it ISBN or local bar code or magnetic strip or cuneiform carvings
in the spine) and the sysem looks up the item in the local
LDAP-available database.  If it can't find it, it grabs the LOC
MARC21/OPAC record and offers to import it into the local directory.

	One thing I'm curious about is how often the LOC updates their
database records.  I hear they're notoriously bad with the Dewey
classifications (what do they care?  They use LC!), and often make
egregious errors.  Does the database always match up with the CIP
blurb in the monograph itself?  Do they ever push out repaired

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