[CrackMonkey] Lovecraft

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Wed Mar 22 14:14:19 PST 2000

begin  Deirdre Schmeirdre quotation:
> Note on Nick's mirror: you are looking at the problem.

	Aha!  And now we see the R. Steven Mills side of Deirdre!

	Since you're dragging the details out (which is exactly what I
was charging you with), let's just go over that little item.

	I forwarded a message -- an in joke.  This is not a "let's
help everyone share and understand the in-joke" list.  This list is
all about shunning the outsider and mocking those who ask stupid
questions like "Why did Nick forward this to his OWN GODDAMN LIST?".

	Instead, you decided to volunteer information about my
employment situation.  This is information that, had I wanted it
known, I would have included with the forward as part of a great
hand-holding diagramming warm fuzzy of inclusion.

	I'm not kidding, Deirdre.  I really and honestly do not want
you posting to this list.

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