[CrackMonkey] gnutella fnords

Mr. Bad mr.bad at pigdog.org
Fri Mar 17 00:55:48 PST 2000

>>>>> "NM" == Nick Moffitt <nick at zork.net> writes:

    NM> The flava of the day, a napster clone with some better ways of
    NM> sharing files (any files not just mp3s) called GNUtella.

    NM> http://allskin.com/gnutella/

    NM> Ability to set up lists of ips makes this a tad better than
    NM> napster imho becuase it cuts out the central server crapola
    NM> (which has always seemed to be the Hamiltonian controling
    NM> aspects of the net versus the Jeffersonian Distrib ideas)

Nick, ya gonna do a PDJ article about this?

~Mt. Bad

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