[CrackMonkey] Gar! (Election Rant)

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Mar 10 12:27:43 PST 2000

J C Lawrence writes:

> On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 12:12:40 -0800 
> Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org> wrote:
> > On one mailing list, I remember arguing that all schools should be
> > private, while another person was arguing that all schools should
> > be public (because of things like the political and religious
> > confessions of faith required in many private schools).  
> The argument gets much easier once you remove the concept that
> formal education for minors is compulsory under law (a very recent
> concept).

That's how I reconciled it, but most of the people on that list were
not willing to concede the idea that it shouldn't be compulsory.

The other problem is distinguishing between "the State may not require
minors to do X" and "the State may not assist parents in requiring their
minor children to do X"; I didn't see any difference between the two,
but an overwhelming majority of people seem to think they are very

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