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> begin J C Lawrence quotation:
>> Actually that's one of the bits I like, but then I rather miss
>> half-day closing and little to no commercial activity on Sundays
>> as well.

> You might try somewhere with blue laws, then.  Alabama, perhaps.
> I hear it's very quiet.

Hehn.  Nahh, done that, doesn't do it.  Also did the wet/dry divide,
which seemed similar just more droll.  Its not the fact that its
Sunday per say, just that there's a day which is near universally
left to people themselves for themselves, and that there's another
half-day for every town's business people to handle their own
personal needs at the next town over without having to remain open
every possible second of the year.  It adds a certain sense of set
pacing, of defined progression to life.  One knows that the details,
and the lives of one's vendors and often friends, have their chance
to be taken care of.  

>> I haven't bought a newly published fiction book in more than 20
>> years.

> Well, I just bought a pile of 'em -- in the South Bay, no less.
> But that was because of the annual science-fiction convention.

Umm, thought about dropping by there, but I already spent my quota
at Fanime 2K.  I'm also rather burnt out on cons.  I did
Necronomicon for a while while in Fl and it just got to be too

>>> you can get tea that doesn't arrive in a bag

>> http://www.allteas.com/ http://www.strandtea.com/
>> http://www.fineteas.com/ http://www.bandbtea.com/

> Served with food, I meant.  What we have, instead, is the Land of
> the Hun.  ("You want some sugar in your Constant Comment, hun?")

I can think of half a dozen SB restaurants that serve loose tea that
I've been to in the last couple months (I tend to eat out a lot).
Of course they are all, umm, wot's the term, "ethnic" restaurants
with higher than Denny's pricing, but then that's par for the
course.  Start with the Aphgan place on El Camino just of Lawrence
beside the Fish Market.  Excellect tea, lotsa cardamonn.

You do tend to have to pay a little more, say $15 - $20 per person,
but they are there and in quantity.

BTW: There was an excellent Spanish place over west off 280
somewhere near Magdalena that's well worth finding.  Utterly divine.

>>> there's occasionally a modicum of intellectual stimulation

>>  That hardly seems something worth relying on others to provide
>> for me.

> Indeed, one's fallback becomes attempting to _radiate_
> civilisation, since it's not otherwise available locally.

I find its almost always available, it just requires selection and
definition.  You build, accrete almost, small priovate societies
about oneself.

>>> and not all the inhabitants are issued by the same Midwestern
>>> factory.

>> Or had all original culture carefully molded ouf of them and a
>> freshly sanitised and untouched by human hands new injection
>> moulded plastic 'murcan personality inserted.

> Most people never _miss_ being surrounded by people with diverse
> fundamental assumptions and ways of thinking, because the
> possibilty of same would never occur to them in the first place.

<nod>  After all, America is the Land of the Free, and of course,
nobody is as "free" as 'murcans.  Blithering idiots.  

> For them, sleepwalking through life is soothing and pleasant, and
> for them the suburbs make a fine Petri dish.

Burbs give me allergic reactions.

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