[CrackMonkey] Install demo

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Feb 27 17:46:31 PST 2000

Quoting Seth David Schoen (schoen at loyalty.org):

> I tried to ask on the CABAL list, but I wrote to linuxmafia.com instead of
> electriclichen -- is there perhaps a cabal at zgp.org now?

I'm not sure how/when/if Don intends to redirect the
"cabal at electriclichen.com" mailing list to zgp.org in the long term, but
the traditional address works,  for now.  

> I'm wondering whether anyone is going to be at the CABAL install demo
> at the Robert Austin show tomorrow.

Mike Higashi, a couple of SuSE guys, the FreeBSD folk, Mark Allen of
DVPC Linux SIG,  and a number of other people were there.  A fun time
was had by all, and we continued at Linuxcabal/CoffeeNet until around
2:30 AM.

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