[CrackMonkey] witty c++ text

Jason McKee jason at cc.wwu.edu
Fri Feb 18 13:38:26 PST 2000

Deirdre Saoirse wrote:

> > winning the lottery.  Because there's NOTHING there.  You have to kill
> > yourself off in far more unusual ways out in the sticks.  Like shotgun
> > fights.  Or sticking your head in a gas tank while smoking.  Or having a
> > ton of peas fall on you.
> So you're saying the Darwin awards are the fault of rural people?

Actually, those examples are all things my dad saw happen while he was growing
up in Skagit county.  (Skagit used to be so rural that they didn't get their
first fast food chain restaraunt until about 15 years ago).

Anyway all those people from the stories actually lived.

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