[CrackMonkey] The Secret Life of Rick Moen

Ariel V. Rosa bambamm20 at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 26 18:45:32 PST 2000

On Tuesday 26 December 2000 15:07, Tom Gilbert wrote:
> It's people like you that make me very, very happy to think that some
> day, we all have to die, usually painfully and alone, and more often
> than not by drowning in our own vomit.
> Happy yuletide greetings, fuckface.
> Tom.

So you are a masaquist. heh.
Oh listen up if you can dirt bag(means read carefully):
There is no pride in  putting an idiot liek you down and reminding you of 
those high school memories when you used to get shoved in lockers and your 
head flushed in the tiolet, only pure joy.
Dumb fuck.
Leave lin4win alone.

Missing In Action..........
> >>   >  In 1555, Nostradamus wrote:
> >>   >        Come the millennium, month 12,
> >>   >        In the home of greatest power,
> >>   >        The village idiot will come forth
> >>   >        To be acclaimed the leader.

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