[CrackMonkey] The Secret Life of Rick Moen

Tom Gilbert gilbertt at linuxbrit.co.uk
Tue Dec 26 12:07:24 PST 2000

* Ariel V. Rosa (bambamm20 at mindspring.com) wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 December 2000 12:14, Paul J Collins wrote:
> PJC> Not really.  That's just my lack of trust in procmail and my ability
> PJC> to script it correctly.  Your ultimate fate is to be marked with `#'
> PJC> and deleted with `B DEL'.
> Ah even better, good to know you needed a couple calories out of your day to 
> pay attention to little old (young) me.

You take PRIDE in being such a sad specimen that you fuck people off on
a mailing list specifically FOR fucking people off, not by being smart
or deft or even interestingly obscene, but by being fuckwittingly
stupid and inane while not even taking time to SPELL your repulsive
outbursts to a 3rd grade level?

The only thing that makes the phrase "presence of mind" attributable to
you is your damn email address.

It's people like you that make me very, very happy to think that some
day, we all have to die, usually painfully and alone, and more often
than not by drowning in our own vomit.

Happy yuletide greetings, fuckface.

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