[CrackMonkey] Long-dead diver spotted again?

Morgan J morgan at netizen.com.au
Sun Aug 27 23:10:00 PDT 2000

In article <20000827230402.Q21778 at zork.net>, Monkey Master wrote:
>begin  Morgan J quotation:
>> My gods, who's going to go to a club where they can't smoke?  Unless
>> you hand out nicotine patches at the door...
>	Come to California and see.  No place lets you smoke indoors
>any more.

Really?  We're heading that way at the moment, although it's not a 'no
place indoors' ruling, it's a 'no place which serves food'.  Which I
must admit I don't especially object to - but no dingy smoke filled
clubs?  Fer crying out loud - where's your sense of romance?


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