[CrackMonkey] Cables wars

Morgan J morgan at netizen.com.au
Sun Aug 27 21:03:38 PDT 2000

In article
<Pine.GSO.4.10.10008272046080.11871-100000 at flop.ENGR.ORST.EDU>, Paul
Duncan wrote:
>On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Morgan wrote:
>> Ultimately, however, it's evident that the British get the last laugh
>> - the cable guy wouldn't do the installation because our house
>> constituted a "Class One Occupational Health and Safety Risk" - which
>> I think means "You haven't done your dishes in over a month, and I
>> think there could be things living in there - I'm outta here".
>Apparently US cable technicians are more lenient then -- the dishes in
>my sink had a fairly well-evolved ecosystem when I got my real Internet

'US cable technicians'?

You mean you're one of them!

No wonder - they look after thier own.

*paranoid mode*

Now they're following me.  Even following me onto the monkey cracking.
Evil fascist cable guys, running around wearing those little KKK spooky
kid costumes with Marilyn Manson style makeup underneath thier scary
pointy hats, holding lengths of coax and sneering at me as they mutter
"Not enough room to swing a Cat-5 in here..." they're evil I tell you...

um.  yes.  sorry about that.  Ad-Hominem personal attacks, not weird
paranoid ramblings...


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