[CrackMonkey] Long-dead diver spotted again?

Paul Duncan duncanpa at engr.orst.edu
Sat Aug 26 21:37:39 PDT 2000

On 27 Aug 2000, Paul J Collins wrote:

> >>>>> "PD" == Paul Duncan <duncanpa at engr.orst.edu> writes:
>     PD> BTW, you have more spelling errors in your message than I care
>     PD> to address.  I would recommend piping all of future emails
>     PD> through ispell before posting them on the list.  At least
>     PD> until you learn english.
> I would recommend that Tom pipe all future messages to /dev/null since
> it is the only thing that can effectively operate on his posts as a
> spelling, grammar and stupid-fucking-shit checker.

You might also find that a procmail recipe works excellently with
the Sender matching gilbertt at britneyspearsmail.com .   Granted,
this is a less than optimal solution since your MX technically still
has to receive mail from him, but at least it means Mr. Giblet
doesn't have to do any of that "complicated unix shit".

> Looking forward to a blissful silence from Gilbert's direction,

Ah, the best idea I've seen in the two days I've been on this list.

> Paul "anti-everything" Collins.

I keep meaning to mention that you have an excellent first name. :)

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